Organic Sesame Candy Bars



  • Toast the sesame seeds in a medium pan and stir at low heat for 6-8 minutes
  • When toasted brown and give off their fragrance, immediately remove the pan from the heat and set aside
  • OR toast them in the oven on a baking sheet at 350°F until they are golden brown and smell delicious!
  • Place the sugar in a big pan and let it melt at med-low heat. Don’t stir, but swirl the pan to avoid crystallization
  • Use a long spatula and put the melted sugar on top of the unmelted sugar
  • Swirl the pan and if there are still some unmelted pieces, start stirring
  • As the sugar melts and turns color, remove the pan from the heat immediately and add the toasted sesame seeds and stir
  • Make sure sesame seeds are mixed with melted sugar evenly
  • After everything is mixed, place the caramelized sesame seeds on parchment paper and spread with a spatula
  • Be careful as the mixture is very hot
  • Put another parchment paper on top of the caramelized sesame seeds and level it with a rolling pin
  • Cut into pieces with a sharp knife while it is still warm
  • Place flat to cool and enjoy! ​


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