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CULINARY THRILL SEEKING - Still resolved to keep well fed and fit in 2021

By Darragh Doiron, Published 12:03 am Wednesday , January 27, 2021

When seedy is good.

Top Seedz could be the best cracker I've ever eaten.  Dense with seeds, they're baked in a sheet so we get the 'cracked' pieces.  

No sleeves of uniformity here.  Each bite is a treasure, just like the sporty New Zealand Mum who conceived of them imagined.  There's a sea salt version, another with cumin and more options.

One of the things that makes them memorable is that different seeds create a pattern resembling an edible mosaic.  Artsy huh?  They're crunchy, gourmet, on the healthy side and delish.

The 6-Seed version could be my favorite weighing in with sunflower, sesame, flax, pumpkin, chia and hemp.  I had them as a birthday treat with wine and I believe I could feel their health benefits with each crisp bite.  

I had to say "mmmm" after each sample and I kept holding them up to the light to enjoy the seedy designs.  Rosemary with sunflower, sesame, flax and pumpkin was a top pick.

Top Seedz does just seeds too, but they're "just" roasted with Mpale Magic to give a sweet and nutty crunch.  There's more for your lunch, yoghurt topping snacks, etc. at

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