October is Women's Small Business Month!

October 2022 | Monthly Update

Kia Ora Top Seedz,

October is Women’s Small Business Month and to celebrate we ran a giveaway with four other amazing women-owned businesses. Follow us on FB or Instagram!

October also happens to coincide with our application for Woman-Owned Certification. It took 20+ hours, 30+ documents, and help from my entire team to prove it, but our application is in, and we are excited to wear the badge.

Being a women-own certified business helps level the playing field. The certification provides women-owned businesses greater visibility, enabling us to compete with large corporations, and also presents new opportunities we otherwise would not have.

Up from 28% in 2019, women started 49% of new businesses in the US in 2021, but obstacles remain and men still outnumber women 3-1 in business ownership.

Organizations like United Airlines are committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace that makes this certification worthwhile. In October, we’ll be sampling our crackers in the Denver and Los Angeles United Lounges. Shout out to our amazing customers, the introduction to United came from one of you! 

Similar to women in business, we need to do what we can to provide a welcoming environment and supportive community for girls in sport. Not to just level the playing field but to nurture our girls and women to compete. We are proud to support US Women Squash, the LPGA and Girls Golf.

 And finally, October is also get as fit as I can month! In early November I’m part of Buffalo team, for the first time in 30 years, who’s going to the Howe Cup (the largest squash event for women). The youngest on our team is 16, I’m the oldest at 48, IT’S GOING TO TAKE A LOT TO LEVEL THIS PLAYING FIELD!! Happy Fall and stay healthy.

-Rebecca, The Top Seed

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