It's a puppy lovin' type of summer!

Kia Ora!

August is blooming in Buffalo and I've got some exciting news on the home front! Our family circle just got paw-sitively larger with the adorable additions of Oliver and Bobbi. Prepare to be charmed!

Amid playtime (accidents not included), my outdoor adventures are on a roll! I'm soaking up the sunshine as I feel like summer is a sweet payoff for the cold and, dare I say it, snowy months we endure.

Speaking of excitement, the FIFA Women's World Cup has been my latest sports obsession! As you can probably guess, my support was with New Zealand, USA...and later shifted to Japan (that didn't go very well...) However, with friends dotted all over the world, every moment has been incredibly exciting to watch.  

But what's a journey without celebration, right? Regardless of win or lose, those athletes have worked incredibly hard and deserve major kudos. Nice work ladies!

It reminds me to celebrate all the wins – big and small – whether it's a "Whoop Whoop" at a team meeting, cracking open a bottle of bubbly to toast a successful project, or dance an embarrassing victory dance after a soccer game. Celebrating achievements together makes the journey so much sweeter!

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