2 Down, 1 To Go...And it Doesn't Get Easier.

Kia Ora!

This month I sent my second-born, Jolie, off to University College Dublin.  Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!

You’d think that by round two send off that I’d have it figured out, but nope! It’s been one moment of excitement, and the next, a deep sense of sadness for the looming departure.  And it’s not just saying goodbye to our daughter, but to all her friends as well - it felt like a never-ending farewell tour!

Through my tears I couldn’t help wonder if maybe I was just sad that I didn’t get an acceptance letter too.  Or is this a painful reminder of getting older?  How am I old enough to have kids that are going to college?

Meanwhile our puppies, Oliver and Bobbi, have been on a mission to turn our home into a chewable wonderland. Just hoping they don’t develop a taste for gourmet crackers!.  Speaking of which the growth plans for our new facility are certainly moving along, and we can't wait to see this place go from "under construction" to "full-blown production. 

So here’s to sending Jolie off and to all the parents out there navigating this emotional terrain. 


Your friend,


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