New Year, Same Crunch.

Kia Ora!

As the confetti finally settles and the New Year cheers fade away, we find ourselves at the start of something new, armed with resolutions and a whole lot of determination. The whole "new year, new me" vibe is calling, promising exciting opportunities. Being a bit of a competition junkie, I've done the whole resolution thing before, but this year, I'm cranking it up a notch and really pushing myself. Without further ado, here’s what’s in and out for my 2024.

 2024 INS:

  • Running for My Life: Literally! I'm aiming for three times a week (distance to be decided). If you see me panting on the street, throw a cracker my way – I’ll need the energy.
  • Book Club: I'm committed to showing up for my monthly book club and get this – I’m actually going to read the books.
  • Vacay Goals: I’m doing it! I’m going to take my PTO, people! The family is headed to New Zealand for Christmas, hopefully.
  • Veggie Overload: I am a lover of all things veggie - so I’m upping the ante and aiming to become vegetarian, baby steps are still steps!

2024 OUTS:

  • Coffee's Getting the Boot: I'm breaking up with my coffee buddy and loving tea!
  • Stress, You're Fired: I'm replacing it with laughter and maybe a yoga class or two.
  • Salty Teens: Dealing with salty teenagers? It's a daily sitcom. I'm watching it unfold, popcorn in hand, and trying not to take it too seriously...hang in there parents, we were them too once.
  • Puppy-Proofing My Life: My puppies think everything is a chew toy. Socks, squash rackets, my favorite pens – nothing is safe. Pray for my belongings, folks.

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