Rebecca Brady - Top Seed - Owner of Top Seedz

Top Seed: definition: In sports, the top seeded player or team is the one who is given the highest ranking in a seeded tournament—a player who is most favored to win. 

The Seed that started it all

Kia ora! (That’s ‘hello’ in Maori.) I’m Rebecca, transplanted Kiwi from New Zealand, busy mum of three and owner of Top Seedz. As an avid traveler and sports enthusiast, healthy eating influences the way I live—and the way I feel. 

For years, I had made seed crackers and roasted seeds at home, and thought “why not share my snacks with the rest of the world”—and that's how Top Seedz was born. It took a life full of adventure and experience to create these better-for-you snacks and I hope you enjoy them with your favorite dips, cheeses and maybe even a glass of wine. 

Our products are made with simple, organic ingredients. They are made by hand. And, they are made for you to enjoy and share.

Today's your day to be a Top Seed!

— Rebecca


Top Seedz Seed Cracker

About us

Top Seedz started in 2017 in Buffalo, NY. We hand-make seed crackers and roasted seeds, and have recently started selling raw seeds and seed cracker mix (think of a cake mix for crackers). All of our products are organic, gluten-free, vegan and delicious. 

We sell our products across the U.S. in grocery chains and specialty shops—and right here on our online store.

Our Vision

Top Seedz firmly believes that when we eat healthy, we can create positive change within ourselves and in the world.

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