When We Win, You Win.

Winner, winner cracker dinner! Both our Maple Magic Roasted Seeds and our 6 Seeds Crackers won Good Food Awards! These awards come from the Good Food Foundation, which recognizes that truly good food—the type that brings people together and builds strong and healthy communities—are those that blend social and environmental responsibility with quality craftsmanship and flavor. We are honored to be recognized as a product that embodies such a wholesome combo of attributes.

I knew naming ourselves Top Seedz was always going to set the bar high—no pressure, at all! But, by doing so it gave us the motivation and determination to have to be the best at something. That’s why this recognition is so special: it gives us the validation that what we’re doing, we’re doing well! And it gives us the boost of energy and confidence to keep going—winning can be powerful like that. Even from a young age, as the middle child of three competitive girls, I got an early taste at what winning and succeeding could feel like. I also got a feel for what it was like to lose, and I knew the former was what I preferred. Winning and losing takes a lot of hard work both mentally and physically - before and after the win. There’s the effort you must put in to achieve success, and then the effort you need to keep going when you lose!

Definition of Top Seed

There seems to be a snowball effect that comes from reaching a goal: goal is met, recognition is earned, congratulations are given, and then a whole new set of goals rolls in to replace the old ones. It’s this cycle that fuels us and keeps the momentum building, helping us grow stronger. And when we learn that people love what we’re doing, it pushes us even further. We know that winning awards will gain us attention and lead to greater product awareness, which then leads to sales, and more amazing customers. And, we’ll be honest, wins like this are also what keeps us on our toes. If we win once, then we absolutely must win again—winning is a flavor that’s hard to get sick of, instead you tend to crave it more and more.

 Fun Fact: We created these two products because customers were asking for them; we didn’t launch our business with either of these tasty bites. But our customers spoke up and gave us new challenges to meet, and we gladly rose to the occasion—we couldn’t let them down! We’ve learned how important the relationship is with our customers, and it’s because of them that we created these winning items. The 6 Seeds Crackers came from customers asking for a grain-free offering. So, during March 2020 when things slowed down a bit, we took the time to create exactly what they asked for. And, when our vegan customers shared that they wished we could use something other than honey, easy fix, we changed to maple syrup.

With that said, we dedicate these awards to our customers. Without you, we’d never be able to reach our fullest potential. You’re what drives us to keep tweaking and inventing new things, so thank you so much for your support, and for asking for what you want! These awards are evidence that listening to your consumers can be rewarding in more ways than one. We’re thrilled that we could deliver on these two specific wants and needs, and we’re ready for more wins. Keep the inspiration coming, stay hungry, and…Go Bills!

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