Small Business, Big Win

It still seems completely surreal...1 million dollars...our small (but mighty) business won 1 million dollars! As we kept going further and further in the 43North business plan competition, it never occurred to me that it could actually happen, but to be honest I was just proud to be there! And then we actually won! This kind of win is a testament to how hard the team has worked over the past 5 years, and how much love we’ve gained from our customers.

Maybe it sounds a bit sappy to say, but the honest truth is we couldn’t have done it without you. What’s a business without customers, amiright? To think that this all started because I was having a tough time finding a job after taking time off to raise my kids is wild. On the nutty days, sometimes I wonder if I should have tried harder to find a nine-to-five job, ha. But, all joking aside, running a small business has its perks. It gives me the flexibility to get to my kids’ soccer games, get home for dinner and then work in the evening. I love what I do, and it’s been so satisfying creating a team of people who enjoy working together. Not to mention, it’s a crazy feeling to realize you’ve created something that people not only like, but like to share, too?! (I hear they’re a popular share at book clubs.)

Owning a small business is no small task. It’s a labor of love, no doubt about it. But there’s no better feeling than seeing positive results from the hard work you put in. As someone who knows the struggles (just as well as the joys) that come along with running a small business, I want to give a shout out to Small Business Saturday on November 27. While, yes, running out and scooping up your favorite small-business finds is a great way to support our local small businesses, there are other ways you can show a little small biz appreciation–and help spread the love–that don’t involve spending any dollars!

Want to help out a small business? Consider doing something like…

  • Post, tag, share. Take a pic of yourself enjoying their products and post it to social media. 
  • 5 stars. Take the time to write a review, so what you love doesn’t stay a best-kept-secret! 
  • Pass it on. Word of mouth is how so many small businesses are discovered (including our own!).
  • Extra, extra, read all about it! Go ahead and sign-up for their newsletters to stay in the know.
  • Leave a comment. Nice words matter, especially when they’re shared on the business’s social posts!

Looking ahead, I can’t wait to keep this little seed that was planted growing. The best part about this win is that our customers win, too! It means more tasty crackers in more places, and to me that’s the ultimate win right there. 

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I have been buying your amazing TOP SEEDZ for years now!!!!! When I saw that you were local I was even more excited!
Kind of funny…..because I had been asking everyone I knew, if they actually “knew you”, as your package said Clarence Center, NY. Sadly no one did.

BUT….many months later, prepping for a large party, my niece in for the party from ALASKA said “Hey…. I met this lady in Wegman’s yesterday when you sent us in for these (TOP SEEDZ) and all the last minute items you needed!”

So how do you like that!!! AND, they were a big hit at the party!

Carolyn June 12, 2023

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