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OPINION: A simple way to improve your sales is to clearly identify your MCM.

MCM stands for Main Customer Message.

In other words: 'What message are your trying to convey to all your customers with everything you do?'

Let me explain:

I've had a few email conversations over the last month or so with Rebecca Brady the owner of a specialist food manufacturing business in Buffalo New York called Top Seedz.

Rebecca is actually an expat New Zealander who has been living overseas for many years.

(She told me she reads Stuff every morning to keep up to date with what is happening back in New Zealand.)

Her business makes seed crackers that are now sold in over 150 Whole Foods throughout the US and in 80 Wegmans throughout the US.

The crackers are vegan, gluten free and delicious.

They're considered in their own category as gourmet and nutritious.

(Not many crackers out there that tick both boxes.)

Rebecca shared her best strategy with me for getting referrals.

Here's what she told me....

To get referrals provide the best overall experience you can.

People will then rave about the product because of the overall experience they had.

Actions speak louder than words.

You shouldn’t need to tell everyone how great you are.

Be great and they will see for themselves.

It's not just about making sure your product tastes great but delivering it with a smile and with all the bells and whistles, show your customers you care.

When speciality food stores order my crackers, I go the extra mile:

1. I give them as many mini samples products that I have on hand at that time and makes sense for shipping.

2. I send them t-shirts or beanies (depending on where they are in the US).

3. I shout out about them on social media

4. I add them to my store locator

These store owners appreciate what I do for them and then pass the word around.

These things also cost me very little but really help my store owner clients.

I do exactly the same with B2C.

The relationship doesn't end after they buy the product.

Now when I read these comments by Rebecca, I can see that her main customer message is that it's "all about the experience people get" when dealing with her business.

And she makes sure that the experience her clients get is amazing.

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