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Summertime brings about some of my favorite things: eating meals al fresco, outdoor games with the family, traveling, annnnd Ride for Roswell. For those not from the Buffalo area, Roswell Park, one of the leading comprehensive cancer centers in the nation holds an annual charitable bike ride called Ride for Roswell. Not only is it a fun event, but the money raised goes toward ending cancer. Need I say more?

When Top Seedz first started, not only were we getting familiar with owning and running a business, but we were also getting to know Buffalo—things to do, places to go, where to eat. And as we began our business, a priority of ours was to figure out how to give back to this community that had welcomed us so warmly! I’ve always believed that giving back in any and all ways that one can—big or small—makes a difference. Call it karma, or just the intrinsic feeling of doing good in and of itself, but I believe the good you put into the world always comes back in some way. There’s a saying, “The more you give, the more you’ll receive,” and I couldn’t agree with it more. 

When I learned about Ride for Roswell, I was immediately in. Of course, for the obvious reasons of raising money for a good cause, but it captured me on a personal note, as well. My dad passed away from cancer and participating in this ride is a way for us to give back, and a way for me to celebrate him. I took his lead in healthy eating and staying fit, and I brought those passions to Top Seedz. Being a small business that promotes healthy eating and sports, Ride for Roswell really ties together so much of what’s important to me. So, we ride! For 4 years now I’ve created a Top Seedz team of friends, family and employees. I sponsor as many employees who want to ride, and every year we enjoy it even more than the last. It’s such a positive way for us to come together and work as a team, outside of the kitchen, doing something fun. Over the years, this ride has brought us closer as a team, and to those around us. Thousands come to ride—people of all ages and riding abilities—and we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the city and connect with the community in a really special way.

We’re so looking forward to keeping the tradition going and riding again this year. Each time we come back, it’s like this beautiful mark in time for us all, like a snapshot of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. As the business grows, so does our team, and more and more people start recognizing us on our rides—which is a very cool feeling! What’s not so cool? The fact that our kids have grown older and now can speed past us with their friends, leaving us behind, ha!

If you’re riding this year, be sure to say hello if you see the Top Seedz team! We promise not to leave you in our cracker dust 😉 

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