Expo West 2023 Nexty Winner! "Best Savory or Salty Snack"

"Delivering nutty flavor without the high amount of water needed to grow nuts, Top Seedz offers a crispy cracker that’s a delicious and satisfying treat even before layering on a topping; and you can enjoy that snack knowing it is USDA Organic, gluten-free and vegan. Seeds are packed with nutrients including protein, fiber and a full complement of vitamins and minerals. You could buy the roasted seeds alone, snacking them by the handful, but we liked the 6 Seed Crackers for the mix of sunflower, sesame, flax, pumpkin, chia and hemp seeds."

 Learn More: https://www.nextyawards.com/en/winners/2023-winners.html


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The Top Seedz

Top Seedz firmly believes that when we eat healthy, we can create positive change within ourselves and in the world

Seed Energy is Good Energy.