A Family Adventure Back to Ireland | Summer 2022

It's the day before we leave, I'm running around trying to get as much work done as I can, I'm NOT packed, and all I can think about is getting on the plane, finding my seat, and feeling the wheels lift off the ground. I just have to keep reminding myself that the crackers will be good and Top Seedz has a great team of people working away! 

Brady Family Adventures to Ireland

This will be the first time seeing our family in Ireland since 2019. We’re used to seeing everyone every summer so I'm expecting a lot of change. More than anything, I'm so excited to sit in my mum in law's kitchen again. 

When we left home to embark on our great adventure, we were young and excited to forge our own way. Now, after many years, we have a family and that family is growing up. Everyone is getting older and I know it's so important to make the time NOW, book the flight NOW, and just GO! The plans can pile up, things can get in the way, but before you know it, years have past and you wonder, ‘where did the time go’? 




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